United Facilities: The Leader in Third-Party Logistics in Orlando, FL

United Facilities is a company that provides third party logistics and warehouse management services throughout the U.S., including Florida. This particular third-party logistics company is privately owned but it serves the public where it has a lot of experience in this line of work. This experience has been gained from the many years that the company has been operational.united facilities orlando fl warehouses

Since United Facilities was started, it has been able to expand from one warehouse in central Illinois to now operating 12 modern warehouses in different places throughout the U.S. The company has also been keen on adopting updated practices where it uses some of the most modern utilities to ensure its clients get high quality services. As a result of these qualities the company has been able to remain a leader in provision of different services regarding warehouses and other supply chain management services.

Orlando’s Source for Warehousing & Third-Party Logistics

Some of the places where this company provides its state-of-the-art logistics and supply chain management services include Orlando, FL. In this area, United Facilities has two modern warehouses which are able to meet the needs of the clients effectively. Just like all the warehouses operated by this company, the warehouses in Orlando are modern and have facilities that enable them provide the necessary services effectively.

Orlando North Warehouse

One of the company’s warehouses in Orlando, Florida is the Orlando North warehouse which is a public warehouse with temperature controlled space and outside rail accessibility. This outside rail accessibility ensures that different kinds of things can be got in and out of the warehouse conveniently. The temperature controlled space is also important because it ensures the things stored do not get damaged by extreme temperatures.orlando north warehouse orlando fl

The specific location of this particular warehouse is in central Florida. This enhances on the accessibility and is also cost effective since there is plenty of easily available labor in this area. Furthermore, there is also an additional public warehouse within one mile with an additional 270, 000 square feet of space. Other specifications of this particular Orlando North warehouse include a total space of 360, 260 square feet, cooler space of 50, 000 square feet, office space of 7, 394 square feet, forty two dock doors, lot size of 22.15A and column spacing of 50’x50’.

Orlando South Warehouse

The other warehouse owned by United Facilities in this area is the Orlando South warehouse. This particular warehouse is a public food grade warehouse which is located in central Florida. Some of the benefits of the location of this warehouse include that cost is low and labor is easily available.orlando south warehouse orlando fl

It also has temperature controlled space and other modern amenities. This warehouse is just one mile from the other public warehouse owned by this company which ensures clients can get all the space they require. The specifications of this Orlando south warehouse are; a building size of 268, 417 square feet, a cooler space of 35, 000 square feet, an office space of 6, 650 square feet, thirty dock doors, lot size of 22.28A and a column spacing of 50’x44’.

With the two Orlando, Florida warehouses from this company, being close together it means that clients can easily access any one of them without struggle. In case there is no ample space in one of them one can readily move to the other. All what one needs is to contact the company and make the proper arrangements. Therefore, the two warehouses in Orlando Florida which are owned by United Facilities provide high quality third party logistics and distribution warehouse services in this area.