Top 5 Handheld Mobile Computer Products from Zebra

We have seen Zebra redesign and remodel technology globally for years now, bringing not only the best innovations and advanced technological improvements, but also eye catching style and whole rainbow of options of products like printers, scanners, tablets and more. Not mention, Zebra has lead the way in software and a large selection of supplies and support, everything you need for your business to grow.Zebra Technologies

But Zebra has outdone themselves once more with their newest and most cutting-edge handheld mobile computers to date. These devices were designed and created as tools of movement and agility in mind to extend logistical information into the field instantaneously and precisely. We will now introduce the newest and best mobile computers from Zebra.

Zebra TC70

zebra tc70 In 2014, Zebra bought Mototal Solutions and introduced the TC70 an android equipped with a true business operating system plus Mobility Extensions that adapt to your input needs and was a quick and easy way to go mobile; for your work to be more customer friendly and efficient without it being harder for your servers.

More than 50 apps that range from security, administrative and management utilities and support data, price and inventory check are all in one easy-to-use handheld device that is a phone and a push-to-talk walkie-talkie too! Plus The Zebra TC70’s rugged body was proven to endure constant drops and tumbles effectively.

Zebra MC40

zebra mc40Zebra mobile computer products work in every field in the business and this includes healthcare. With the impressive Zebra MC40 touch computer you can keep your staff communicated at all times and for longer with its replaceable battery. Integrated with WIFI and voice communications to almost any other mobile device in the building, the Zebra MC40 offers a sturdy camera and display screen that pass arduous tests, it simply is a great Zebra gadget also equipped with android and Mobility Extensions.

Zebra TC75

The TC75 was bred as a mobile computer that does it all and as an enhancement to the TC70. Like its predecessor its tough design was created to endure the business operations day to day life. One mayor improvement was that it was adapted to support all 4G GSM cellular network.

This mobile computer from Zebra allows you to access all information and data on your system immediately and from anywhere – instantaneously. As well as communications between all the links of your organogram, meaning all your field workers and office workers are connected at all times to capitalize on productivity.

Zebra TC55zebra mc67

The TC55 was created to integrate the durability of Zebra enterprise reliable ruggedness and the easy, friendly user smartphones and tablets in one efficient hand held portable mobile computer with access to real time data and communication. It was designed to efficiently handle the tear of industrial workplaces including drops and wet fingers or gloves and a longer battery life. It has an large high-resolution display, an integrated camera and a scanner for field data capturing and push-to-talk with noise cancelling technology.

Zebra MC67

With the ability to choose the operating system you want to work with to adapt best to your needs comes the Zebra MC67. With it you can take your business productivity to a whole new level and have your workers do everything they need to do to complete their job from video and photo, orders, inventory, calls and emails to scanning barcodes this mobile computer has it all. Hi speed cellular and WIFI connections, a durable body an impeccable performance and capability for everything you and tour business need.