Today’s Top Automation Technology for Supply Chain & Logistics Processing

It goes without saying that any firm that is in the business of providing a broad array of products and services to its clients is required to implement a comprehensive logistics strategy. The logistics and supply chain management strategy is crucial to the health of a business and is meant to ensure that you provide quality services no matter any changes that might be happening in other areas of the business organization.

supply chain management automation

Further, automated systems for supply chain management and logistics processing is very useful in companies that have a complex or rather fluctuating supply chain. Therefore, this write-up is intended to give you five leading automation systems for supply chain management and logistics processing.

1. Pick & Apply Systems

Pick and apply systems are a multiuser, timesharing, virtual memory, and demand-paged computer operating system primarily used for your business data processing. These automation systems equipped with label generator software that gives users the option to choose the formats to be created in the label designer.

The user’s customized pick and apply system package incorporates a full deployment of automated product boxing and bagging, brand-on-demand systems, and a material handling system software and controls. Further, automated picking systems work with a variety of leading brands of controls, hardware, software, and warehouse control systems to allow for a perfectly synchronized fulfillment process.

2. Cold Seal Packaging Systems

Cold seal packaging systems are machines designed to allow for packaging applications in the medical, automotive, light, and product manufacturing industries. They offer a flexible and extensive selection of specialized options that are designed to help book publishers and distributors, and all firms that engage in direct mailing seal machines.

As a result, all manual processes such as packing and hand picking of cartons, boxes, poly bags, padded mailers have all been replaced by automated cold seal shipping system at a low cost.

3 .Cubing & Dimensioning Systems conveyor cubing system

Dimensional weighing and cubing systems are highly-popular automating system ideal for the distribution and shipping centers. An industrial-grade design of the cubing and dimensioning system allows you to integrate your dimensional and cubing scanner system directly to the existing conveying system.

In-motion cubing systems are designed to provide real-time package dimensions on the conveyors. Therefore, if you intend to reduce operation costs as well as increase throughput, it is important to consider purchasing a cubing and dimensional system for your shipping and other manifest systems. In short, these are essential assets to logistics warehousing and distribution.

4. Automatic Box Cutter Machines box cutter machine

Automatic box cutter machines are the most productive alternative to the manual cutting. It is designed to ensure effective, fast, and safe opening of the product box tops while significantly minimizing product damage during the process. These automatic box cutter machines are famous for their versatile cutting ability, speed, and their ability to decrease direct labor while leading to an increase in throughput.

5. Applicators & Labeling Systems

Applicators and labeling systems are automated machines designed to offer a line of pre printed pressure-sensitive labels to all types of packages and products. They come in a variety of models that can meet specific labeling requirements and needs.

Further, they come with an exceptional placement accuracy and programmable high-speed application rates that can handle up to 6000 linear inches of label per minute. Moreover, applications and labeling systems come with an advanced servo-motor and stepper motor technology and peel-tip sensing ability.

The Best Truck Scales for Freight Forwarders

One of the common sites in our roads today includes logistics companies and freight forwarders. These companies operate in highly sensitive business environments and small details can have a huge impact on their profits and the satisfaction of their customers in the long-run. This is the primary reason why the companies shouldn’t leave anything to chance particularly when weighing the loads they are shipping for transportation. freight forwarder truck scales

Ideal truck scales for freight forwarders help in preventing overloading and also enables safer and optimal loading of the vehicles. By investing in one of the reliable truck scales you will be able to provide reliable and timely services to your customers and also maximize your profit.

Truck scales are also ideal for individuals desiring to reduce variances between stated weight and the actual shipping weight. The best truck scales for freight forwarders and related transport companies include weighbridge truck scales, portable truck scales and on-board truck scales.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridge truck scales are a good investment for permanent and semi-permanent weighing sites that need a heavy-duty truck scale. This form of truck scales can help in optimizing the weighing operations and therefore ensures faster throughput (this is important for freight forwarders profitability). These truck scales feature stronger weight sensors, durable materials, rugged designs and manufacturers observe quality standards when producing them. As a result, the scales are dependable and accurate including in the toughest industrial environments.weighbridge scale trucks

Depending on the use of the weighbridge truck scale and the location, you can invest in above ground or pit mounted weighbridges. Payload Pros is dependable company that specializes in both types of weighbridge scales. In addition, you can also pair it with a wider range of indicators, accessories, and software for complete customization particularly if you need complete customized weighing or data management solution. Generally, weighbridges function by utilizing several load cells capped off with flat load plates that allow accurate readings.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are ideal in situations where portability is highly important and in places where construction of concrete foundations is impossible. The scales are suitable for 3PL companies and freight forwarders – they can handle around 80,000 pounds. These portable weighing scales are available in various configurations, lengths and capacities and therefore you will have a chance of selecting only what suites your needs.portable truck scales

You can also customize portable truck scales to allow usage of various peripheral components including digital weight terminals, large weight terminals and ticket and receipt printers. Companies that specialize in portable truck scales, such like AgWeigh, offer a complete array of systems for various capacities

You can run portable axle scales in dynamic weighing or in-motion mode depending on your application. The two modes allow the user to weigh their vehicles without having to stop or increasing throughput. These portable scales for truck axle weighing may also feature external or built-in battery for better weighing in the remote areas.

On-board Truck Scales

If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient way of calculating and monitoring the weight of your trucks, then on-board truck scales are ideal for you. on-board scales basically function by monitoring changes in electrical resistance which result from payload caused strain.transport truck freight logistics

After purchasing an on-board truck scale from a reputable supplier like Walz Scale, you can customize it to fit your specific measuring requirements and needs but the fundamental design wires the entire system through the display and truck ignition switch. This wiring allows for instant application. This means that the system will become active after you have ignited your vehicle. The driver monitors the load through the scales display while alarm tones warn when the weight exceeds the set limit. The scales are ideal for freight forwarders and third party logistics companies with large fleet of trucks.

5 Advancements Defining Full-Service Logistics & Distribution Warehouses

The supply chain process increasingly plays a critical role in assisting businesses achieve their logistics goals and distribution objectives. A company’s overall supply chain management must remain effective given the vital role such processes play in completing the business cycle and remaining competitive. As a result, leveraging the wheelhouse behind full-service logistics and distribution warehouses has become a commodity for manufacturers and product producers.logistics distribution

In search of such comprehensive supply chain capabilities, below we discuss five defining advancements and features that represent full-service logistics and distribution warehouses.

1. Tailor Customized Logistics Services

With a dynamic economic environment, firms looking for supply chain service provider would often have different needs each time during a supply chain cycle. With the different needs, an effective third-party supply chain companies must show ability to offer customized services to clients.

A third-party logistics service provider must have the expertise and resources that will promise custom logistics services each time a customer has needs. Customization is required, especially when firms require custom packaging solutions, shipping to specific customer location and custom transportation. Custom services are unlimited because they are required as the need arise.

2. Ability to Add Value & Evolve

Logistics and distribution warehouse companies must have resources, expertise and must prove, through records and previous satisfied customers that they are capable of providing value addition to their clients.

Value added services go beyond warehousing and transportation. Also, manufacturers may want to add value to their goods, depending on the nature of the commodities, during warehousing. Therefore, the company handling such a client must demonstrate their capability of adding value to the customer’s products wherever possible.

3. Improve Customers’ Core Competency

Firms that utilize the supply chain system expect that this part of business cycle remain critical for competitive advantage. Therefore, a logistics company should demonstrate abilities to offer cost saving services to their clients.

Distribution warehousing service providers are considered to have high efficiency due to their specialization and therefore capable of promising and delivering time and cost saving services that will add to the customer’s core competencies, growth, and sustainability. In other words, a logistic company must promise that their services will be one of the strengths of their client operations.

4. Demonstrate Flexibility

One of the best features of a high quality logistic service provider includes a high degree of flexibility. Supply chain management firms should demonstrate a high degree of flexibility more than their clients.

These organization are considered to have expertise in upstream and downstream supply chain activities, thus having wider knowledge of the functions than their clients. Therefore, the logistics service providers must show their resource capabilities that will be easier to turn into variable costs.

5. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

A supply chain management services provide must demonstrate that their role is to help clients deliver goods and services to consumer customers with the purpose of satisfying them. However, they should do so at an affordable cost and consumers should not be liable for the cost of technologies and efficiency in the supply chain. The logistics provider should help companies improve their services directly to their customers. Therefore, the supply chain should be a source of satisfying consumers.

The supply chain management process is growing and is becoming increasingly complex. The list of features that describe the best logistics, warehousing companies are inexhaustible. Due to changes in the demands of the industry, the list may add more critical features. For example, the green supply chain system will be integrated into the next list of features ideal for a delivering logistics and supply chain management company.

In-motion Wheel Weighers Make Wake In The Truck Scale Market

For shippers, freight forwarders, and related logistics and transport companies, establishing internal systems to comply with truck weight regulation is the best move in curbing truck overloads. Stats show that overloaded trucks increase damages to infrastructure and pose greater hazards like traffic accidents among other road issues. With the evolving technology, new methods of screening and enforcing overloads have been introduced.wheel weigher scale

In-motion wheel weighers, a form of portable truck scales, have become the most highly-sought tools in distribution and logistics sectors alike. The newly enforced regulations have prompted most companies to adopt reliable, accurate and durable weighing devices to eliminate guesswork. It is therefore imperative for such a company to consider investing in top quality heavy-duty truck scale that delivers the best value and functionality. In-motion wheel weighers are one the best options now on the market, and some weighing scale manufacturing companies offer these advanced truck scales for rent.

New Cutting-Edge Design of In-motion Wheel Weighers

In-motion wheel weighers are lightweight and fully mobile systems that can be used virtually anywhere for weighing heavy-duty vehicles. They are low-profile weighing systems that feature a simple weighing platform where trucks drive on.

walz scale wheel weigherAs soon as a truck moves over it, the scale records the actual weight of the vehicle at a remote point. They come with a very sensitive load cell that records accurate weight of a truck then sends it over through a physical cable to a remote terminal. It has a rugged ramp that a truck drives over slowly at speeds of 3-5 MPH, just slow enough so that the wheel weigher can calculate the truck’s axle and load weight while in motion.

When measuring the gross weight of a vehicle, the axle weight must be measured first. After that, any addition provides the overall or total weight of the truck. When the weight of an empty truck is determined, then it becomes simple to calculate the net weight of the transit goods.

Their rugged and highly versatile design has made these scales the most commonly used weighing scales in various applications. They can be used in both off-road and on-road applications. Additionally, they are suitable for use in logging, construction, and demolition among other applications that require movement from one point to another.

Benefits of In-motion Wheel Weighing Scales

In-motion wheel weigher scales offer a wide range of benefits for users. Some of the most notable advantages of using portable wheel weigher scales include: portable carrying case

  • High level of accuracy. With the ultra-sensitive load cells, these portable truck scales provide accurate weight readings thus becoming the popular solution in measuring vehicle weights.
  • Highly portable. The system comes in a package of weighing pads, wires, and terminal. It is very easy to carry and takes the least space in the back of a car. The high portability has made these systems the most sought-after scales on the market.
  • They’re equipped with convenient weighing terminals that have LCD with the ability to print and store data. This is beneficial to farmers and other transit companies when resolving overload issues.
  • Easy to install. In-motion wheel weighers are pretty simple to install compared to other weight measurement devices. It requires the least time possible to install and record truck weights. In fact, due to their compact sizes, portable truck scales can be set up by one person. It does not require any additional infrastructure to install.
  • They are the most cost-effective solutions in truck weighing. They are suitable for a variety of industrial applications. They can be used at any place or time. Furthermore, it records vehicle weights regardless of the axle number, time, and speed.

For more information about in-motion wheel weighers, or to find these portable wheel weigher scales available for sale or rent, visit, a leading industry supplier of these portable systems, as well as other advanced truck scales on the market.

4PL & The New Layer of the Logistics Industry

4pl company 3plBefore we discuss 4PL, which is growing in popularity as a new layer of the logistics industry, we must take a look at 3PL and what it sets out to achieve. Further, other key questions will be answered such as, are there advantages for manufacturers and other businesses in working with 4PL providers over 3PL companies? What is the value-added solution offered by 4PL? Are there certain business models or manufacturers that are more conducive to 4PL over 3PL services?

These are all valuable insights you will be interested to know if you’re in manufacturing or production operation that requires outsourcing your supply chain management functions.

Defining 3PL Services

3PL stands for third-party logistics. 3PL services are a practice of utilizing various resources (i.e. warehouse storage space, transportation, etc.) to take care of tge logistics needs and activities of a company. Logistics in the business world is the activity of managing the flow of things from the origin point to the use point for the process of meeting the needs or requirements of corporations or customers.

Traditionally, this practice was performed as an in house function of an organization. By definition third-party logistics is the outsourcing of any activities in the area of logistics that were once performed within the company or organization.

Added Value Solutions With 4PL Services

3pl services over 4pl4PL is the concept known as fourth-party logistics. The idea of 4LP is different than 3PL in the following way to put it simply. 3PL service provider is focused completely on a single function whereas 4PL is concerned with managing the process not the job of single supply chain logistics. What this means is that you can employ a 4PL model as a value-added solution to manage many 3PL organization thus controlling logistics with a top down model. This is the 4PL model.

A comparison has been made calling 4PL the general contractor benefiting businesses and manufacturers by managing or becoming a hub for forwarders, truckers, custom house agents, other 3PLs and more. By taking the process completely into responsibility 4PL offers the hub one place touch control to customers saving time and confusion in the long run.

Who Can Benefit From 4PL over 3PL The Most?

Unlike working with certain 3PL companies, organizations with many moving parts would be most likely to benefit from a 4PL style of logistics management system. The reason is for companies with fewer links in the supply chain from origin points to company or company to customer using a 4PL type set up would actually be redundant.

But with today’s continued increase and ease of communication via multiple channels there will be companies that will benefit greatly from a 4PL setup. The way to decide would be imagine you were an airport. Are you able to handle the flights you have on one runway or do you need several concourses? If you answered several concourses 4PL might be for you.

In the simplest of business terms a 4PL provider of logistics management can be looked at as an agency or external consulting firm. This firm not only controls on your behalf the problem-free flow of logistics via management of the supply chain and transportation based on your experience but also based on their combined experience as well. So the advantages are defined by the needs. What needs do you have? Keep those in focus and it will be easy to decide if 4PL is the right value-added solution for you.

United Facilities: The Leader in Third-Party Logistics in Orlando, FL

United Facilities is a company that provides third party logistics and warehouse management services throughout the U.S., including Florida. This particular third-party logistics company is privately owned but it serves the public where it has a lot of experience in this line of work. This experience has been gained from the many years that the company has been operational.united facilities orlando fl warehouses

Since United Facilities was started, it has been able to expand from one warehouse in central Illinois to now operating 12 modern warehouses in different places throughout the U.S. The company has also been keen on adopting updated practices where it uses some of the most modern utilities to ensure its clients get high quality services. As a result of these qualities the company has been able to remain a leader in provision of different services regarding warehouses and other supply chain management services.

Orlando’s Source for Warehousing & Third-Party Logistics

Some of the places where this company provides its state-of-the-art logistics and supply chain management services include Orlando, FL. In this area, United Facilities has two modern warehouses which are able to meet the needs of the clients effectively. Just like all the warehouses operated by this company, the warehouses in Orlando are modern and have facilities that enable them provide the necessary services effectively.

Orlando North Warehouse

One of the company’s warehouses in Orlando, Florida is the Orlando North warehouse which is a public warehouse with temperature controlled space and outside rail accessibility. This outside rail accessibility ensures that different kinds of things can be got in and out of the warehouse conveniently. The temperature controlled space is also important because it ensures the things stored do not get damaged by extreme temperatures.orlando north warehouse orlando fl

The specific location of this particular warehouse is in central Florida. This enhances on the accessibility and is also cost effective since there is plenty of easily available labor in this area. Furthermore, there is also an additional public warehouse within one mile with an additional 270, 000 square feet of space. Other specifications of this particular Orlando North warehouse include a total space of 360, 260 square feet, cooler space of 50, 000 square feet, office space of 7, 394 square feet, forty two dock doors, lot size of 22.15A and column spacing of 50’x50’.

Orlando South Warehouse

The other warehouse owned by United Facilities in this area is the Orlando South warehouse. This particular warehouse is a public food grade warehouse which is located in central Florida. Some of the benefits of the location of this warehouse include that cost is low and labor is easily available.orlando south warehouse orlando fl

It also has temperature controlled space and other modern amenities. This warehouse is just one mile from the other public warehouse owned by this company which ensures clients can get all the space they require. The specifications of this Orlando south warehouse are; a building size of 268, 417 square feet, a cooler space of 35, 000 square feet, an office space of 6, 650 square feet, thirty dock doors, lot size of 22.28A and a column spacing of 50’x44’.

With the two Orlando, Florida warehouses from this company, being close together it means that clients can easily access any one of them without struggle. In case there is no ample space in one of them one can readily move to the other. All what one needs is to contact the company and make the proper arrangements. Therefore, the two warehouses in Orlando Florida which are owned by United Facilities provide high quality third party logistics and distribution warehouse services in this area.

Advancements in Dimensional Weighing & Cubing Systems Technology

Dimensional weighing and cubing systems (also known as cubers) are ideal for distribution centers or warehouses that handle large volumes of packages. Dimensioning and cubing systems come in many different forms and are used for a wide variety of operations, spanning from package dimensional scanners for standard shipping applications to high-volume and advanced dimensioning systems that are used for determining the dimensions of pallets and cargo shipment for freight and logistic operations.

dimensional weighing cubing system Dimensional scanning and weighing systems can help businesses make every process more efficient and increase throughput while at the same time reducing operating costs. The movement, weighing and storage within the business will be absolutely easy. The following are some of the features of the most advanced dimensional weighing and cubing systems in the market.

Ease of Connecting To Courier Systems

With the advanced dimensional weighing and cubing systems, you will find it absolutely easy to connect directly to courier system such as Fedex, DHL, TNT and others. This is going to make the recording system and data transfer in your business seamless because the information will be shared directly via the internet.

The advanced technology that evolved dimensioning and cubing systems feature will enable your warehouse or distribution center to simply connect the computer to the internet and the software will make exchange of data very easy. They can be used as a standalone dimension systems or you can choose to integrate them into a conveyor belt system to increase processing speed.

Accurate Dimensional Weighing & Scanning

The advanced dimensional weighing and cubing systems are also going to provide accurate dimensional weighing and scanning for your warehouse or distribution center, even if it is too busy. People that have had a chance to use them say that they have completely changed how they manage packages for shipment. You will not need to worry a lot about their installation because it is very easy.

Real-time Dimensioning

Among the standard features that the advanced dimensional weighing and cubing systems provide include easy integration into existing shipping systems and windows operating systems, parcel weights and real time dimensioning, and so on. Some of them, like the dimensioning and cubing systems, use sensor technology that has been tested for efficiency and accuracy. You can get long term affordable logistic solutions from this technology. Once you auto-calibrate the systems for your volume and weights, you are going to get fast and functional results.

If not managed properly, packaging and shipping costs can end up being a huge part of supply chain logistics. So it will be a good idea to integrate dimensioning solutions and cubing systems in your warehouse if that is a concern within your business. The systems will help you run your business efficiently without digging a hole in your pocket.

What Defines UniFac Among Leading 3PL Companies

United Facilities (UniFac) is one of the leading third party logistics companies that has always strived to optimize every angle of the supply chain for its clients. The company offers incredible specialized services, systems as well as parties needed to meet the most challenging packaging situation while ensuring that your business is making progress.United Facilities 3PL Company

The third party logistics (3PL) services are all improved by UniFac’s unique offering of LEAN production and packaging services, information technology, warehousing, fulfillment, transportation, value added services and more. As a pioneer in warehousing, distribution, and logistics, the 3PL company fully understands that to achieve something great, companies must utilize innovation and superior customer service to get a competitive edge.

The Cornerstones Behind UniFac’s 3PL Services

UniFac has the resources, expertise and capabilities when it comes to providing nationwide 3PL services. It provides third-party logistics for Fortune 100 companies, especially those specializing in consumer goods and automotive. Since the company has talented and experienced staff, it concentrates on details and accuracy.3PL in action

Packaging Services

The company has made use of the LEAN production to eliminate waste, maximize flow, minimize inventory, meet customer demands, empower staff and create culture of continuous improvement. This way the company will be able to maximize its resources for the benefit of the business and customers. With LEAN production in place, Unifac will be able to respond quickly to market demands in order to meet the needs of the clients.

The packaging services it offers include custom grocery displays, product assembly, custom pick and pack, special labeling, RF and barcoding and more. As a well-known 3PL company, it has a proven record of adding value to its customers by saving them time and money and optimizing client supply chains thanks to the LEAN production.

Information Technology

The success of every business depends on the modern technology. For you to achieve the best results, you should have a team of professionals who understand how to use advanced tools and top-notch software to meet customer requirements. Here are some of the remedies that can be used to run the most demanding facility in the world: customer application development tailored to customer needs, full online 24/7 support desk for application as well as support systems, productivity monitoring and measurement, full enterprise visibility and systems controls and more.
Value Added Logistics Services

Due to changing demands in supply chain management, many 3PL companies have implemented a wide range of improvements in order to exceed customer needs. One of the most effective improvements include:

Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement refers to a method of identifying opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing waste. It also aims at boosting customer service standards, and saving time and money. Unifac is working to constantly to reduce operating costs. Rapid improvement or continuous improvement plays an important role to streamline workflow. Note that efficient work flows do not only save time, but also money.

For the last 50 years or more, the company has been identifying issues and making the necessary changes to boost quality of services while cutting down the costs. Some of the key principles of the CI comprise of identity, analyze, evaluate, measure, and improve. The company has employed CI in order to increase clients’ profits and help the company to realize its goals and objectives.

UniFac has several distribution centers strategically positioned all over the U.S. Learn more about UniFac and its advanced 3PL services by visiting

3 Leaders in Advanced Cubers & Dimensioning Systems

cubing systemsThere are several manufacturers and suppliers of cutting-edge dimensional weighing systems and cubing systems. Some of these suppliers offer highly cost effective software as well as hardware solutions for warehouse operations and logistics. Getting the right supplier in your state can be problematic at times, especially if you are looking for top rated products. Here are the top three cuber and dimensioning system suppliers that can meet your needs on a nationwide basis.

Dimensional Weighing

Dimensional Weighing provides some of the industry’s most advanced cubing systems and dimensioning products that are not only effective, real-time, and effective, but also fully-automated. These systems can make the entire process of shipping and distribution very simple, reliable and accurate. This is because the automated cubing systems as well as dimensional weighing equipment from Dimensional Weighing are designed to handle all aspects of package dimensioning and reduce the operation costs significantly.

The company also offers dynamic in-motion package scanner solutions that gives instant in-motion cubing and dimensioning data. This product is ideal for conveyor belt systems because of its advanced technology which can be integrated with shipping operations and logistics. Since the in-motion system makes use of the laser technology to generate incredibly accurate dimension data, the system can help minimize errors at all costs. Additionally, the cuber is able to operate in high speed conveyors, saving you time and money.

Every system is carefully designed for accurate, effective and reliable capturing of data such as weight, dimensions and ID. In addition, it boosts performance while ensuring that prices are affordable. Learn more about the incredible line-up of cubing and dimensioning systems at

CASI (Cornerstone Automation System Inc.)

Cornerstone Automation System Inc. (CASI) has been in service for the last 13 years offering outstanding weighing solutions in order to streamline warehouse activities. This supplier has talented and experienced staff who offers the best automation solutions that suits every business. Some of the solutions provided include custom labeling, automated box opening, check weigh systems, cubing systems and more. conveyor CASI cubers

CASI offers high performing in-motion conveyor systems that are not only affordable, but also accurate. These products comprise of solid cube series and CASI 4971. Apart from solid series, it provides UPS, DHL, FedEx and other solutions for comprehensive pre-engineering solution that can match with cartons of different sizes and weight.

Cornerstone Automation System Inc. is also renown for its great compact and reliable tabletop or mobile cart static cubing systems that can measure a wide range of items regardless of shape and size. These static cubing systems come in different sizes and capabilities to suit different settings, including pharmacy, publishing industry and more. You find these advanced cubers and dimensioning systems at Walz Scale.


Do you want to optimize your warehouse and minimize rising shipping costs? If yes, then CubiScan is the best option for you. CubiScan offers a variety of products, including automated dimensioning and weighing systems. It also has the ability to measure irregular cartons, crates or large palletized freight for in-motion or static applications.

Most of the CubiScan products are regarded as global leaders since they are engineered to address the varying market demands, especially in the shipping sector. These products are ideal for shipping or packing stations that require in-motion cubing devices for faster and reliable service.

The three suppliers deal with highly advanced systems that can be afforded by all levels of business, and are flexible enough to integrate with several warehousing and supply chain management systems reducing overhead costs.

3PL Provider Redefines Packaging Services for Logistics & Distribution

3PL (third party logistics) provider, United Facilities, Inc., remains one of the leaders in warehousing, logistics, distribution and supply chain management. While there are many factors that have influenced the growth and authority of United Facilities 3PL services, a significant advantages the provider offers its customers is comprehensive packaging services, especially for companies in the food industry. United Facilities 3PL provider

Utilizing LEAN production, United Facilities is in-tune to the needs of their customers and customizes their logistics and distribution services accordingly. And with locations in eleven cities and four states, co-locating your packaging or assembly needs with them is easier than ever.

An Inside Look At the Company’s Package Department

The packaging department of United Facilities has developed into their area of expertise over their many years of experience. Since the 1950s, they have been pioneering the outsourced third party logistics industry, as they were the innovators of one of the first multiyear warehouse contracts in the nation.LEAN Packaging Logistics Services

More recently, they enhanced their customer service with initiatives such as, product sampling services, packaging, in-store display setups, kitting, light assembly, and contract manufacturing services. Their success has much to do with them being pace-setters in their industry, along with their phenomenal customer service.

The focus on streamlining their packaging processes has not gone overlooked by their potential clients. Their years of experience allow them the foresight to factor in road transport limitations and laws, market trends, and especially clients’ unique necessities. Their initiative for taking exceptional care of their customers has even led to the development of the first prototype half-clamp forklift attachment. This dedication to fit their customers’ particular needs continues today, with two new attachments having been developed over the last few years.

Factors That Have Made United Facilities a Leader in 3PL

One distinguishable element of reputable 3PL providers in logistics is the awareness of individual service requirements. The experience of United Facilities is key in their proficiency for routing and storing goods, and the skill level of their employees is apparent in their efficiency, from the supply chain managers to the IT department. These employees can save your company dramatic managerial costs when you utilize United Facilities as your 3PL company and will cover your entire supply chain from end to end.3PL Conveyor

The tracking and routing software that United Facilities executes is state-of-the-art, and manages all of their warehousing and logistics operations. The inventory control programs introduced in the last three years have seen a dramatic boost in productivity and a reduction in overall costs. Many of the skilled mathematicians and engineers in their employ are personally involved in the management of accounts which adds to the personal touch of their top-notch customer service.

As a 3PL company, United Facilities can apply their size and buying power to broker freight for much less than any individual company, allowing your staff to work on developing and implementing growth plans for your business. In addition to continuously refining their packaging logistics services, United Facilities seeks to improve many aspects of their operations.

The current goals of expansion and innovation are what drive the company to strive in their industry. Continuous improvements and advancements in technology and constant presence in their community are key in the evolution of United Facilities as the true leader in the world supply chain field.

United Facilities is a nationally recognized 3PL company with a reputation of adding value to their customers’ brand, and their ability to save customers time and money has cemented their status as the world leader in packaging services, shrink-wrapping, assembly, repackaging, and reconditioning.