Recruiting Ideas & Giveaways: 5 Creative Concepts That Work

Recruiting new students for enrollment or new employees for your organization can be a challenging task for any college, university, or company. That is why leveraging compelling recruiting giveaways and other promo ideas is highly advised for such recruitment campaigns.recruiting ideas giveaways

With effective recruiting ideas and giveaway, you will be better able to attract new recruits. Whether as college recruiting giveaways or ideas to recruit volunteers for an event, here is a are some most unique and effective recruiting ideas and giveaways that will give your recruitment campaign an edge.

1. Be a Sponsor at an Event

As a classic yet effective recruiting idea, you can take part as a sponsor in the community in the common events. Holding a trade show helps to reach out to the decision makers easily. Instead of spending too much money to purchase promotional stuff and tangible recruiting giveaways, you can offer to sponsor a trade shows.

By doing this, you will attract and recruit targeted attendees, who will be closer to your booth. Here, you can then speak to them directly and lure them to join your company. Even if you have sales representatives that speak to other attendees, but you should ensure that you are the major sponsor of the trade show.

2. Utilize BookWear Recruiting Giveaways

college recruiting giveaways ideasBookWear is a special “book” like recruiting tool that has been designed to tell the prospective individuals about your cause, organization, or whatever it is you offer or need help with. The company lets you tailor your recruiting giveaways to include all of the necessary information that will be of help and that which will attract prospects. While BookWear specializes in college recruiting giveaway ideas for student recruitment as well as enrollment, they company also caters well to businesses, hospitals, events, and various other institutions and organization that need a compelling tool for recruiting.

BookWear offers some of the best recruiting giveaways and gift idea that you can leverage for many different applications. Design BookWear with your logo, photos, design elements, and other necessary content. recruiting giveaways from BookWear enable you to customize your giveaways to be align with your target audience and message.

3. Create Short Inspirational Videos

With inspirational videos proliferated (or advertised) on social media, you can target the new recruits that are in your area (ad beyond, depending on your recruiting budget.) For instance, you can use your current employees to make short clips of about six seconds, which features their funny talents.

The aim here is to create a sense of empathy and motivational while attracting the attention of the prospective recruits. You can then add a phrase with your company’s name, just to spread the word about your cause. The short films can then be leverage on YouTube and many other social media channels.

4. Use Pen Drives as Recruiting Giveaways

With the new technology and the digital world getting more concentrated, flash drives are becoming a must-haves for students and other individuals. You can have some unique pen drives that have big storage capacity, like 1TB. This way, the student will want to use their pen drive throughout the day. Whether they use them for saving multimedia files or other document files, these drives will satisfy the students’ expectations. These attention-grabbing recruiting giveaways can be a win for college students.

5. Recruiting Cards

Your current employees are a great asset to use when you want to recruit potential employees. The employees already know what is good for the company and who will be the best person to hire. You can then give the current employees some recruiting cards that have the name of your company. Your recruiting giveaways should also have a phone number and even a website. To cheer them up, you can offer referral rewards for each employee that successfully finds a suitable recruit.

The recruiting giveaways will help you locate the right candidate for the vacant position in your company. They also help to attract the prospective college students. Always try to make your getaways unique and worth trying.