3 of the Most Industry-Advanced Portable Truck Scales

The transportation industry can be difficult in many respects. It is pretty much common knowledge that it’s hard work and long hours. A truck driver must be able to make critical decisions, quickly, or it could lead to catastrophe. One of the most common and biggest threats (not to mention a nuisance) is staying within the proper weight limit of both the truck and the open highways.

Portable Truck Scale If a truck is over the legal weight limit, it can cause a number of mechanical failures, such as tire damage, brake damage, the truck being harder to control, and in extreme cases, even flipping the truck. There’s also a pretty steep fine for a truck being over the legal weight limit.

It makes good sense to utilizeĀ a simple yet highly effective portable truck scale. Heavy-duty weighing technology is improving rapidly in this market, and portable truck scales can be used nearly anywhere. Here is a list of three of the most industry-advanced portable truck scales currently on the market.

Walz Scale AXW-Series Portable Truck Scales

Walz Scale AXW-Series is a great option when it comes to portable truck scales. Walz Scale brand truck scales can hold a lot of weight and support the weighing needs of many different types of trucks. Yet they are lightweight, easy to install, and come with removable ramps so the be conveniently transported with a durable carrying case.

Some of the features of the Walz Scale AXW-Series of portable truck scales includes:

  • Allow in-motion weighing of vehicle axles in excess of 110 tons.
  • Super-lightweight and easy to install.
  • The AXW-45T model is made from aluminum for a more lightweight option
  • AXW-95 is a portable truck scale made from steel for heavier trucks. (It is also waterproof.)
  • Every set of Walz portable truck scales comes with lightweight, removable ramps.

Walz also offers a specific line of portable truck scales for farmers. Visit AgWeigh.com for more information on various truck scales for agricultural producers and farmers.

Payload Pro’s Portable Truck Scales

Payload Pro’s portable truck scales feature accurate readings, scales that are simple to use and many designs. They are resilient and sturdy. And some models offer both stationary and in-motion weighing systems, similar to Walz Scale above.

Portable Truck Scale AX Series

The unique features that Payload Pro’s portable truck scales include:

  • Highly resilient and durable for lasting, tough use
  • Provides accurate and consistent readings
  • Many different portable truck scale models, both aluminum and steel construction
  • Simple and easy to install
  • Static (stationary) and dynamic (in- motion) weighing

In addition to portable truck scales for sale, Payload Pros also offers portable truck scale units for rent

Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery Weigh-Tronix portable truck weights are designed to be used easily on most terrain and can even be set up as a permanent fixture. Their modular design allows for a set up that doesn’t require much, if any, preparation for the site. And they offer warranties and great customer service.

These are the features that Avery Weigh-Tronix scales include:

  • Can be used anywhere, making it easy for weighing truck loads.
  • Can be installed on any surface that isn’t too unstable in just two to four hours.
  • They are made from modular sections, which eliminate the need to prepare the site, which can be costly and time consuming.
  • Can be made into a permanent fixture.
  • They offer warranty programs.
  • They offer lifetime service, support and maintenance.

Before Buying Portable Truck Scales

There are a few important factors to consider when buying portable truck scales. The weight of the scales themselves can make them either more or less easily portable, depending on the weigh scale technology and how heavy they are. However, if you are in a heavy vehicle, you require sturdier, heavy scales. You also want scales that read accurately, every time. Consider a company that offers support and warranties because portable truck scales are an important investment.

These three brands are the most industry-advanced portable truck scales on the market. They’ve been tried and tested by people in the transportation industry and the companies are willing to back up their product with warranties, support and even their name. So, if you don’t have a set of portable truck scales, research these. If you’re in the market for a new set, these are a great option, or at least a place to start.