An Inside Look at the Film Production Technology of 8180 Films

8180 films indie production companyEmerging as one of the fastest growing independent film production companies, 8180 Films is a small group of creative filmmakers based in the northern Michigan town of Leland. Comprised of Larry Brand (Writer/Director), Rebecca Reynolds (Producer), Jim Carpenter (Producer), and Ross Satterwhite (Executive Producer), 8180 Films has produced four feature films, each of which have gone on to win awards in many different categories.

In addition to the talent and creativity behind indie film production company 8180 Films, technology has played a vital role in bringing these films to life. 8180 Films’ writer and director, Larry Brand, weighs-in some of the film production technology used by the team in making these films.

The Technology Behind 8180 Films red one camera

8180 Films’ first indie feature, Christina, was among the first generation of movies shot on the Red One, (camera), which had just been released.

The Coexist Comedy Tour was shot on three Sony EX-3‘s (the performance) and the JVC GY-HM150U (the interviews).

The Girl On The Train was shot with the Sony F3 (we used the Sony EX-3 or EX-1 for “Danny’s” camera – “Danny” is the character played by Henry Ian Cusick).Sony EX3

Beyond Glory was shot with the Arri Alexa (Flea) and the Red Dragon (green screen) and multiple formats for the tour.

8180 Films’ first three features were cut on Final Cut Pro 7, which was, more or less, the indie standard.

indie film production 8180For Beyond Glory, 8180 Films’ fourth feature, director Larry Brand switched to Adobe Premiere, which is now becoming the indie standard, because of its ability to ingest different formats without transcoding. Effects were rendered in Maya and After Effects and color graded in Da Vinci.

These indie films have been honored with awards in every major category, including Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Drama, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay. The first three features produced by 8180 Films are available at iTunes and Amazon. And the indie film company’s recently completed feature, Beyond Glory, is expected to be released soon.