5 Head-Turning Cycling Jerseys from Retro Two Image Apparel

unique cycling jerseysRetro Two Image Apparel is infamous for its creative and head-turning cycling jerseys. Specializing in retro, vintage, and classic cycling jerseys for men and women, Retro Two offers a wide range of original products that stand out from the pack. Here are five unique cycling jerseys that only scratch the surface on what Retro Two has to offer.

NASA Cycling Jersey nasa cycling jersey

Available as both a women’s and men’s cycling jersey, the NASA cycling jersey features its namesake’s official insignia. The designs of this jersey are done by James Modarelli for the NASA insignia, and Danne Blackburn for the red worm logo they created on the side panels. Typically for men, the design of the NASA cycling jersey embodies revolutionary developments especially if you have a particular liking to anything relating to space.

Gumby Cycling Jersey

The Gumby cycling jersey from Retro Two is classic take on the popular claymation series. The jersey offers a bright, vibrant, and funny design that may not be suitable for all cyclists, but perfect for some.


The genius behind the creation of the Gumby design during the early 1950s is Art Clokey. Gumby is Clokey’s celebrated work that allowed him to produce TV pilots after the Sam Engel, a movie producer, encouraged him to work with Thomas Sarnoff, NBC’s executive during that time. The inspiration behind the Gumby design was suggested by Art’s wife, Ruth. Gumby’s character was then based on the Gingerbread Man character and was made green because it was the favorite color of Art while Gumby’s slanted head shape was taken after an old photograph sporting his father’s hair style.

Rosie the Riveter Cycling Jerseyrosie riveter cycling jersey

Another women’s jersey, Rosie the Riveter is designed by J. Howard Miller. The iconic design of this jersey was done when the then 17-year old Geraldine Dolye first posed in May 29, 1943 for The Saturday Evening Post cover. The iconic photograph became the official call photo of the US government to call women of the home front to become part of the work force. Today, Rosie remains as one of the most iconic photographs symbolizing the perseverance and strength of women all across the world. It’s also one of the bestselling cycling jerseys of Retro Image Apparel.

Chat Noir Cycling Jerseychat noir cycling jersey

The Chat Noir is a cycling jersey for women. What makes this jersey quite famous is that its design is taken after the legendary cabaret performance during the 19th century in the notorious bohemian district of Montmartre in Paris. The striking poster of the well-known cabaret now graces the Chat Noir cycling jersey. Originally composed in 1896 by the same artist who opened it, Rudolph Alexandre Salis, the bygone poster can now be celebrated through jersey art.

Smokey Bear Cycling Jersey

smokey-bear-cycling-jerseyLast on the list is another men’s jersey, the fictional Smokey Bear who became a symbol for the U.S. Forest Service’s efforts to prevent forest fires. It was in August 9, 1944 when the iconic image of Smokey Bear was born after Albert Staehle was hired to paint the very first poster of it. Until now, Smokey’s image sends a very important message to everyone: “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires” and is perfect for the ultimate cycling environmentalist. The Smokey Bear cycling jersey is a unique option from Retro Two.