Cold Laser Therapy: A Powerful Tool for Chiropractic Care

Technology has dominated in the health and medical industry, and even holistic practitioners
and clinics are adopting advanced tools to offer new treatments to patients. Among the most emerging technological devices used in various health and wellness settings is cold laser therapy.

This technology has aided the medical world in a massive way. The popularity and effectiveness of cold laser therapy for pain and healing is high, and the patient’s comfort is better than the regular treatments. It has been used for many treatments and most notably for chiropractic care in treating the patient’s spine.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Laser therapy treatment uses a unique device (commonly the “K-Laser”) that works with a sophisticated mechanism. The laser device is run through the body of the patient directly to the skin. The laser beams will then trigger the mitochondria to absorb the photon, which then adds energy to the cells and tissues. The mitochondria are the main power suppliers of the cells.

Patients can absorb the laser beams and activate a set of reactions. When mitochondria absorb the laser light, they will trigger the cells to store more energy. The cellular energy is stored in the form of ATP, Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. This also helps to trigger the biological function of the tissue and cells in the body.

The Class IV K-Laser Therapyk laser therapy san francisco bay area

This laser therapy delivers over 0.5 watts of laser beams to the body cells. The therapy delivers special red wavelengths laser beams that are partially infrared. These laser beams will then stimulate a therapeutic effect and a photochemical reaction to the body.

The K-Laser therapy works through a special process is known as photobiostimulation. As the wavelength laser beams penetrate through the skin, photonic energy will be aimed at particular soft cellular tissues. It also promotes the levels of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate. Some of the soft tissues targeted by the laser beams in this procedure include the joint capsules, vertebral discs, ligaments, and muscles. The vertebral disc helps to relieve any pain along the spine when the laser beams get to them.

How Laser Therapy Treats Spinal Ailments

As the Berkeley, CA chiropractor delivers the therapy, the laser energy will stimulate cellular regeneration. It also draws water, nutrients, and oxygen to the damaged or painful areas. Through this process, the laser beams reduce swelling, stiffness, pain, muscle spasm, and inflammation. In turn, it will deliver optimum healing of the damaged or ailing tissues. This will then restore the functioning of each tissue in the body.

The infrared laser beams will interact with the tissues of the body at a cellular level. This will then trigger the metabolic process in the cells. There will also be an increase in the synthesis of ATP, the cellular energy. This is done through the enhancement of the nutrient transportation across the cell membrane in the body. With this process, there will be a repair of the damaged tissues.

The K-Laser therapy has proven to be effective in the chiropractic care. It is painless, which causes comfort to the patient throughout the treatment. Since it is invasive and naturally triggers cell regeneration and relieves pain, the therapy is recommended for people having spine-related ailments. It also delivers a positive outcome in the shortest time possible. Even though this laser therapy is trusted, it is still advised to contact your health specialist before going through the treatment.