California Warehousing & Distribution: A Leader in Third-Party Logistics

California businesses, both small and large, need to concentrate on their core competencies such as developing, marketing and selling of new and innovative products and services. Managing inventory and tracking orders and shipments become an unwelcome distraction from these duties.

Today, the journey of a product from its conceptualization to the final disposition features many more steps due to an increasingly complicated supply chain. United Facilities, Inc. comes in to play by offering a comprehensive supply chain solution for all your third-party Logistics (3PL) needs.

California Logistics

United Facilities, Inc. provides the California commercial landscape a wide array of advanced logistics services with utmost excellence, precision and simplicity. The company has comprehensive warehousing, distribution and logistics capabilities that have been perfected through years of experience making them one of the leading 3PL companies in California. The firm also develops solutions which cater for all the needs of a product lifecycle. This is because the supply chain is treated as one continuous whole, leveraging on skills and experience to minimize costs, increase efficiency and ameliorate the operations of clients’ supply chains.

The company has warehouses in Mira Loma, Stockton (2), Tracy, and Fontana, CA. Learn more third-party logistics, warehousing and distribution solutions of United Facilities below, or visit the official company website at

Third Party Logistics Services of United Facilities


At United Facilities, Inc., warehousing services are at the centre of their supply chain management solutions. The firm operates a string of strategically located warehouses making them one of the leading and most respected providers of warehousing services in California. The warehouses have world-class material handling equipment and warehousing technologies such as electric stackers, hydraulic docking systems and forklifts all managed by top professionals.warehouse

United Facilities, Inc. has a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) that can be customized to suit the specific requirements of customers while allowing flexibility with regards to warehouse locations. Other warehouse services that are provided include inventory management, temperature control, cross docking, SOP standardization, FDA approval, performance management and special labeling among others.


United Facilities, Inc. has set up a full suite of highly-optimized distribution warehouses in California. The aim is to give clients access to a solid network of distribution centers and high-tech systems to enable them meet their inventory, warehousing and logistics requirements.

By utilizing their unique positioning, they help customers make the most out of the latest distribution services and Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) to fully synchronize their supply chains. This improves processes and cuts out waste from business operations


The firm also handles advanced third-party logistics in every dimension – from the basic to the most complex. Logistics plays an important role in the supply chain, yet too often meeting commitments becomes extremely difficult. With a shortage in capacity, tighter rules and diminishing IT budgets – all against a backdrop of rising customer demand- companies need to find a reliable outsourced logistics provider.

A good 3PL company that offers California logistics management and warehousing solutions will handle this job for you, including the procurement of service providers. You can rest easy because they have years of experience in managing resources, value- added delivery processes as well as technology for our clients.

Speed, Efficiency, and Reliability

United Facilities, Inc. is known as one of the most proficient warehousing and distribution companies in the United States. When you hire them, you can be sure that deliveries will be made on time. A reliable third party logistics company like them can help you improve your competitive advantage and efficiency in business operations.

With a strict adherence to excellence, combined with a strong knowledge and understanding of distribution operations, United Facilities, Inc. can help your business make the right decisions on improving the quality and efficiency of logistics operations.