Aaron Wolinski

Newly featured on the official KEWG.org Technology Blog is Aaron Wolinski a legendary pioneer in Northern Michigan’s music scene. Aaron Wolinski is best known as a professional music producer and multifaceted audio specialist based in the Traverse City area.

In establishing both local and national recognition for his work, Aaron Wolinski has developed several local businesses in the Northern Michigan area. Each brand is tailored to specific music and audio solutions, whether studio production for a new album or for DJ services for events, weddings, and other gatherings. In essence, Aaron has cultivated a reputation as Traverse City’s local music authority.

Spiral Sound

Aaron Wolinski is the founder of music production studio Spiral Sound. Beyond a local entity Spiral Sound, has worked with nationally-acclaimed artists in helping them produce their works. In fact, Aarond and Spiral Sound has become a major contributor to the growing music scene in Traverse City.

Avatar Media Productions

More of a local brainchild of Aaron Wolinski, Avatar Music Productions is highly-rated DJ service that specializes in music for weddings, parties, events, and other groups throughout Northern Michigan. Recognized as one of the top DJ’s in Traverse City, Aaron Wolinski¬†and his company Avatar Music Productions¬†provides personalized and individually-tailored services for his clients and his highly regarding in the local music scene.

From being well-versed in numerous instruments to writing and producing music of his own, Aaron Wolinski has released several albums and tracks of his own. We suggest checking out Aaron Wolinski on Amazon to learn more.

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