3PL Provider Redefines Packaging Services for Logistics & Distribution

3PL (third party logistics) provider, United Facilities, Inc., remains one of the leaders in warehousing, logistics, distribution and supply chain management. While there are many factors that have influenced the growth and authority of United Facilities 3PL services, a significant advantages the provider offers its customers is comprehensive packaging services, especially for companies in the food industry. United Facilities 3PL provider

Utilizing LEAN production, United Facilities is in-tune to the needs of their customers and customizes their logistics and distribution services accordingly. And with locations in eleven cities and four states, co-locating your packaging or assembly needs with them is easier than ever.

An Inside Look At the Company’s Package Department

The packaging department of United Facilities has developed into their area of expertise over their many years of experience. Since the 1950s, they have been pioneering the outsourced third party logistics industry, as they were the innovators of one of the first multiyear warehouse contracts in the nation.LEAN Packaging Logistics Services

More recently, they enhanced their customer service with initiatives such as, product sampling services, packaging, in-store display setups, kitting, light assembly, and contract manufacturing services. Their success has much to do with them being pace-setters in their industry, along with their phenomenal customer service.

The focus on streamlining their packaging processes has not gone overlooked by their potential clients. Their years of experience allow them the foresight to factor in road transport limitations and laws, market trends, and especially clients’ unique necessities. Their initiative for taking exceptional care of their customers has even led to the development of the first prototype half-clamp forklift attachment. This dedication to fit their customers’ particular needs continues today, with two new attachments having been developed over the last few years.

Factors That Have Made United Facilities a Leader in 3PL

One distinguishable element of reputable 3PL providers in logistics is the awareness of individual service requirements. The experience of United Facilities is key in their proficiency for routing and storing goods, and the skill level of their employees is apparent in their efficiency, from the supply chain managers to the IT department. These employees can save your company dramatic managerial costs when you utilize United Facilities as your 3PL company and will cover your entire supply chain from end to end.3PL Conveyor

The tracking and routing software that United Facilities executes is state-of-the-art, and manages all of their warehousing and logistics operations. The inventory control programs introduced in the last three years have seen a dramatic boost in productivity and a reduction in overall costs. Many of the skilled mathematicians and engineers in their employ are personally involved in the management of accounts which adds to the personal touch of their top-notch customer service.

As a 3PL company, United Facilities can apply their size and buying power to broker freight for much less than any individual company, allowing your staff to work on developing and implementing growth plans for your business. In addition to continuously refining their packaging logistics services, United Facilities seeks to improve many aspects of their operations.

The current goals of expansion and innovation are what drive the company to strive in their industry. Continuous improvements and advancements in technology and constant presence in their community are key in the evolution of United Facilities as the true leader in the world supply chain field.

United Facilities is a nationally recognized 3PL company with a reputation of adding value to their customers’ brand, and their ability to save customers time and money has cemented their status as the world leader in packaging services, shrink-wrapping, assembly, repackaging, and reconditioning.